Over the Croatian coast you can find numerous restaurants, fast food and food vendors. We, like big fans of Dalmatian cuisine dared to recommend you a couple of dishes that you  had to look for and try before your vacation is over.

Dalmatian smoked ham

Durable cured meat product, cured and smoked for at least one year. Traditional and natural production process without any additives, except for sea salt, is what makes this product special and recognizable in the world. Be sure to try it with cheese, olives and bread baked.

Adriatic sardines

Sardine fish with high energy and nutritional value so it is recommended its frequent consumption. This is simple and economical meal  that you can prepare by yourself. Excellent on the grill with a salad of fresh vegetables. As an excellent appetizer with good wine recommend sardines in olive oil.

Oyster stew

The perfect seafood specialty for lovers of shells. The perfect combination of wine, garlic, pepper and olive oil will create insatiable sauce to lick your fingers.