Summer 2014 is already coming to the end. Behind us and you are many joys of summer, new acquaintances, friendships, nice experience, crazy fun, unforgettable memories and another expectation - SUMMER 2015.

We assume that it is already thinking about him and that you plan carefully every part of your future holidays. 



We hope that you through small text photographic driving acquainted with the charms of our Grebaštica. We also hope if not yet that it will become next summer your ideal holiday center. Repetition is the mother of knowledge, therefore it is time to briefly establish the material.

Grebaštica as a peaceful little place is ideal for family holidays. In its tourist offers apartments and rooms for rent, entertainment facilities, active sports tourism, beaches and clear waters, cultural facilities and of course lots and lots of sun.

There is a clinic, shops, restaurants, bars, exchange offices, church- in short, everything you need to relax. 

See our offer, book your accommodation in time and impatiently wait for next summer




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