The old adage says that the photos as a good joke. If we need to explain, it is not good enough. Grebaštica is the right place to create the most beautiful photos from vacation. Her past and rich history will allow you to create thumbnails of the old church walls, tombstone that you can take with you as proof of a true lover of historical heritage and culture of a small Dalmatian town. 



If your photos are not enough souvenir, you definitely have to look at performances of  folklore society "Bedem" and Dalmatian choir "Kanela". Nourishing traditions, national costume, peasant shoes and diple or voices vocal group performances of love, sea and the gulls are ideal for relaxing after dinner in a restaurant in Grebastica. The sounds of these souvenirs will resound in you still long after the summer. 



Something original and authentic for friends ???

The best gift is from the heart. Even if it is useful, is worth gold. Conjure up a whiff of Grebaštica, Dalmatia and the Mediterranean to your friends. Give them something beautiful, useful and familiar. Dry figs, bottle Dalmatian wine or olive oil are ideal and valuable gifts for every occasion. We're sure these selections will not go wrong.