It is said that the Croatian coast is indented, it consists of a lot of islands, peninsulas, islets and rocks. We agree and added that the Grebastica coast is indented.

Grebaštica as a small tourist destination offers a wide choice of beaches in different parts of town.

If we start from west to east, in Galešnica is a great beach ideal for children and those who love to spend an afternoon nap by reading some good and interesting book. View from the beach you can enjoy the place Sparadici the peninsula Oštrica. 



In the center, in Banovci large sandy beach offers a variety of entertainment activities such as water polo or trampolines. Also close are and pedal boats for rent.

Two large beach in the eastern part of town are suitable for an escape from the hustle and bustle, and if you want to spice up the afternoon enjoying summer cocktails. 



For those who are looking for complete solitude are the ideal place piers on which they are tethered boats of local fishermen. We are confident that their swinging on a foam sea waves evoke a true romantic in you.

Today more and more people  that  coming in Grebastica  are looking for marine adventure, but also knowledge. An ideal place for swimming and discover the deep sea and colorful underground world certainly are cliffs on the peninsula Oštrica. Surrounded by the clear blue sea and various types of Mediterranean flora and fauna will raise in you a real marine scientists.


Come and try all the places and choose your favorite location!