The gastronomic offer is an important part of the total supply of each tourism. Croatian gastronomy has long since had its promotion in the world. 

What to expect when you arrive in a small town like Grebaštica? 

It is said that nothing is better than the previous good food and drink. We agree. That is why our offer colorful and varied. Adjusted differences yet. The rich cultural and culinary heritage of Croatian felt in Grebastica.



For traditional, domestic and classic dishes like grilled fish, meat,risotto and spaghetti recommend restaurants Bedem, Delfin and Stari Sibenik. 
For those who like a bit of aromatic food, Dalmatian specialties prepared in a variety of ways, a lot of spices and olive oil, and Dalmatia ham and cheese recommend Roko grill. 


Also our little place is customized and young people. So pizzerias Niko, Mali Lovre, Picigin offer different types of pizza and taste.



We expect you soon and by the way want you a bon appetite!!