Small and quiet, but colorful; Grebaštica is located in the bay 14 km south of Sibenik. Surrounded by Mediterranean plants such as pines, olive and fig trees and pebble beaches is ideal for family holidays and enjoyment, but also health and sports tourism.


The beauty of this small and colorful places is seen more than its history. The rich archaeological and cultural sites testify to the turbulent history of the region. According to written sources, the place was first mentioned in the 1928th year called "Grebac" while alone continuity of settlement has existed since Roman times.

The remains of Roman architecture, road and buildings are some of the most ancient evidence of prehistoric times here. Monastery of St.. Lucy, the Church of St.. Peter and Mary witness the religious culture of the Croatian people in the Middle Ages. It was built to defend against the Turks, on the peninsula Oštrica is one of the most beautiful symbols of place; wall "Bedem".



A boom in tourism Grebastica has last 15 years. Stylish and attractive, yet away from the hectic pace of everyday became attractive to everyone; families with young children, friends, couples and those seeking their little oasis of peace.

Natural beauty, bike paths and walking trails surrounded by lush vegetation and sea, cuisine of traditional and modern dishes, great selection of accommodation, interesting activities and opportunities provided by the surroundings are just some of the reasons to visit this beautiful place.



Ralph Waldo Emerson said that peace is a journey of a thousand miles that must be predetermined step by step. Let Grebastica be your planned peace, a place where that will charm you, a holiday where you can dedicate yourself and what is yours.