Apartments Primošten A-003P

  Object code: SO-1

  Destination:: Accommodation rentals Primošten

  Accommodation units:: A2+2A2+2A2+2A2+2A4+1

  Distance from the center: 50m

  Distance from sea: 10m

  Distance from beach: 10m




 Price: from: 76 €/night from: 131 €/night

Basic Info

Destination:: Accommodation rentals Primošten
The owner lives in the house:
Check in: 13:00:00
Check out: 10:00:00
Outdoor pool:


Distance from the center: 50m
Distance from sea: 10m
Distance from beach: 10m
Type of beach: Šljunak,
Distance from road traffic:: 300m
Distance from bus station: 100m
Distance from the airport: 51000m
Distance from the port: 72000m

Additional description:

The house in which the apartments are located is in Primosten, Dalmatian town known for its beaches, but also parts of the city that reflect the atmosphere of old times. It is a city where everybody can find something for themselves: for adventurers and sports fans there are bike paths and a variety of activities in the sea, for those who desire fun, there are numerous bars and club Aurora, and for gourmets there are many restaurants with a variety of dishes. The house is distanced from the beach about 10 meters and it is situated in the town center. Guests also have their own parking space.

How to reach us:

from: 76€ /night

Accommodation A2+2 max. 4 persons

Floor: 2
Size: 48m2
Rooms: 1

from: 76€ /night

Accommodation A2+2 max. 4 persons

Floor: 2
Size: 48m2
Rooms: 1

from: 76€ /night

Accommodation A2+2 max. 4 persons

Floor: 2
Size: 48m2
Rooms: 1

from: 76€ /night

Accommodation A2+2 max. 4 persons

Floor: 2
Size: 48m2
Rooms: 1

from: 91€ /night

Accommodation A4+1 max. 5 persons

Floor: 1
Size: 49m2
Rooms: 2

1 / 5

Average of total 1182 comments

Average rating:





Room amenities:




Hosts and Service:


Quality of sleep:


Value for price

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Accommodation rentals Primošten

The town is located on a small island that is connected with the mainland. Located 20 kilometers south of Sibenik, this beautiful town with its interesting architecture and crystal clear water attracts many onlookers and tourists for more than 60 years.

Primošten region

Set upon a little island linked by a bridge to the land with the stone houses, churches and narrow lanes in Mediterranean style, with many bays, islets and peninsulas, place with squally history, place with extraordinary sea, naturally sheltered from the winds, surrounded by vineyards woven into a stone honeycomb. Built on the hill it is dominated by the parish church of St. George built in 1485 and restored in 1760, close to which there is local graveyard from which a unique view spreads to the Adriatic Sea and the surroundings. This is also the highest point of the former island.

Primošten is located 20 kilometers south of Sibenik and Diocletian’s Palace in Split is 60 kilometers’ away. This beautiful town with its interesting architecture and crystal clear water attracts many onlookers and tourists for more than 60 years.

Primošten has around 3000 inhabitants. Economy in Primošten is based on farming, vineyards, growing of olives, fishing and tourism .Primošten has a mild Mediterranean climate.Apart from its vineyards, Primošten is also known for his largest beach called Raduča, and its smaller part, Mala Raduča, is voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia.On the Raduča peninsula, to the north of the town, in a pine forest, there is hotel Zora and beaches with a wide range of facilities.

Primosten region accommodation - Private apartments, rooms and villas

Primosten has at its disposal lot of private villas and apartments which are located along the coast. Places on the coast under the Primosten region are Bilo 7km and Dolac 5km away from center of Primosten.
     Most of the apartments and villas are luxuriously equipped and their hosts are giving effort to make their stay pleasant and comfortable. All guests have on disposal well stocked supermarkets, markets, fish market, bakery, souvenir shops, post office, public phones and numerous café bars and restaurants with authentic traditional Dalmatian food.
     During their stay, guests are also offered cultural-entertainment events. Especially memorable are the folklore and acapello singing groups called klapa and concerts of the wind orchestra "Primosten".

 Primosten region - Rural tourism

 "Primosten Užance” is famous local festival with traditional folk celebration that aims to preserve traditional ethno-heritage of Primošten. When the beaches and hotels are thick with guests, people of Primošten take the opportunity to show their guests how they used to live and what their ancestors used to do. Visitors can enjoy the sights of Primošten weddings, boules tournaments, donkey races and finally all the delights that are offered by a fish evening: locally caught fish and top quality wine. Festival holds annually on the first weekend in August is something not to be missed.

Primosten region -Night life

Club Aurora

One of Croatia’s largest and famous nights clubs “Aurora” is situated on the hill of Primosten around 2km from downtown center .Aurora is built with classic Mediterranean style with the flat roofs, big terraces, stone walls and swimming pool.

The club is open from June to September each year, in high season every night from middle of July till end of August.

Club is composed from two different levels, including two dancing floors, five bars, swimming pool, and trendy Lounge room with pizzeria, steak house and VIP lounge.Terrace of the club containing DJ box, stage for live bands with dance floor, bars with a cocktail area, swimming pool and VIP lounge! It's considered one of the most important, as its dimension, quality and service it is considered one of the most famous V.I.P room on the Croatian coast.The club is visited by famous guests from all over the world. The music is played by many famous DJs and live bands, with different styles of music.

Club summer program varies each year but the choice of music covers all categories.                                                   Place is very hip, dance floors jam with some of Europe’s most famous DJs and bands.                                                      

Aurora will definitely fulfill your summer nights in Croatia. 

Private accomodation Croatia

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