New tourist season in dolac

And finally came summer and with it of course the new tourist season. Previous year (too) quickly rushed, and the summer is knocking at our doors from May. And now it is finally here and we are daily draw from the house to the beach, giving a boost to those living in inland regions to the arrival of the sea. After all summer is not summer without sea and lying around (or burning) at the beaches. So the summer this year attracted a multitude of domestic and foreign people. Dolac is already occupide with locakl people, and also occupied by tourists from all over. All they want to take place on the beaches in order to swim in the crystal sea which each skeptic would leave breathtaking. So on weekends people are looking for additional places on the beaches because people have recognized the beauty of this place that lies in the naturaly beaches and the sea. The splendor of this place is slowly coming to the light,  since it is a quite "young" place that has to fight for success and the favor of tourists with plenty of stronger opponents like the surrounding Primosten. But this place can offer its guests peace and in the true sense of the word.In this place you can completely restore your inner strength which you daily spend at work. So certainly you deserve holiday, and there is no better recommendation than Dolac. This can be understood in a way as a prescription that will help you recharge your batteries, but without all the various drugs and medications.

Now a little about the new season, which is heating up as we approach to the end of July. The Dolac can observed an increase in the number of Germans and Austrians, even the beauty of place have recognized Scandinavians whose in these parts are slightly smaller number. Of course, Czechs, Poles and Slovaks is the most as it is every year in this place, but also throughout the coastal Croatia. Regardless of nationality, or as we say here: "whether they were black or white" we are glad that people recognize all the possibilities offered by this place. From rest for body and soul to the experience of the Dalmatian landscape and nature in this area which is still preserved. If this article was not sufficient to demonstrate the landscape itself here, then look at the pictures of this place on our website and see for yourself. In doing so, you can always look at the accommodations that this place has to offer. If your inner voice now says that you must visit this place, do not pretend you do not hear it and ignore it, actually listen to it and give yourself a well-deserved rest. At the end, our agency you can wish you an unforgettable summer and the accomplishment of all the expectations of the summer 2015!